A day in the life of…

A day in the life of…

A day in the life of an entrepreneur should be a lot of fun, right? After all, entrepreneurs are their own bosses. They virtually answer to no one and are at liberty to make most, if not all of the business decisions and so much more…


Although entrepreneurship is an adventure with a whole lot of fun and flexibility, it comes with a lot of challenges and uncertainties; especially when it’s a Start-up or ‘NewCo’ like modern day entrepreneurs prefer to call it.


Some of these challenges are insufficient capital, limited or lack of access to loan, inadequate infrastructure, poor business plans, economic downturn and the list goes on.


As economists tell us, the economic development of a country significantly relies on the success (or otherwise) of SMEs. Their importance to the economy of a country cannot be over emphasized as they help to reduce unemployment, increase exports, distribute income etc.


A recent research by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) revealed that – in Nigeria, only 20% of entrepreneurs who get to start up their business are able to sustain it. SMEs fail for different reasons; many of which may be beyond the control of the entrepreneurs. However, some may wish to ask…but what about the ones they can control or manage? Or at the very least, protect themselves against?


Appropriate insurance cover backed by a reputable provider like Custodian is the right buffer that smart Business owners turn to for that air of protection that adequately shields their budding businesses against any adverse occurrences that may seek to unsettle them.


According to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise National Survey 2013 by the National Bureau of Statistics, only about 34.84% Small Medium and 5.39% Micro Enterprises in Nigeria are insured during the surveyed period. This is quite low owing to the fact that SMEs are more susceptible to collapse than large corporations as a result of unforeseen events; every SME should be insured.


Custodian SME Insurance Policy is designed to help SMEs weather all storms by providing them with a bouquet of insurance cover for such risks as Fire & Burglary, Motor Insurance, Group Life & Personal Accident, Occupier’s liability etc.


It offers the business owner the opportunity of selecting the exact combination and scale of insurance needs/services required for their business (es).


With Custodian SME Insurance, every SME or Business owner can truly thrive without stress. Contact Custodian today for Custodian SME Insurance Policy.


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