Dangerously Jealous

Dangerously Jealous

Driving can be very exhilarating; the thrill of being in control of such a delicate and intelligent machine. Your feet on the pedal, hand(s) rolling the steering, right hand switching gears periodically etc. For someone who has mastered the art of driving, taking a smooth cruise would seem very effortless.  But in reality, driving involves a lot of multi-tasking; it is an activity that requires most parts of your body.


In figurative sense, a car is dangerously jealous. It doesn’t want your attention to be shared (distraction) and that is why when you are distracted accidents could happen. One of the most common causes of accidents is distraction. Unfortunately, it’s easier to be distracted now than ever. Probably because it is a generation of mobile phones and users are very attached to their phones. They still want to text, chat and receive calls while on the wheels.


 According to an Oregon College of Engineering research in United States, anything that takes your attention away from the road for two seconds or longer can increase your risk of being involved in an accident or near-accident from 4 to 24 times. That means only a few seconds blink could cause the involved parties bodily pain, financial strain, and hours/days of worry.


Although, there are some distractions that are beyond the driver’s control. These distractions could be bad weather, noise, bad roads and other external forces. However, the most common forms of distraction are activities that can be avoided; not beyond our control. Examples of these activities are – texting, calling (phones), smoking, adjusting the radio, etc. The saddest part – distracted driving does not only compromise the safety of the driver but also that of bystanders, passersby, passengers and that of other drivers.


You can be or chose to be an undistracted driver but unfortunately you will not be able to vouch for other drivers nor will you be able to predict all the circumstances that could trigger an accident. These and more are some of the reasons you need Custodian Motor Insurance. With Custodian Motor Insurance, your vehicle is covered for accidental damage and theft. It also covers the policyholder for injury to other people or damage to their property.

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