Don’t be too surprised.

Don’t be too surprised.

Have you been surprised by anyone or anything lately? Well, we have no reservations in telling you today that – you shouldn’t be too surprised that life is full of surprises.


Pause for a moment and imagine yourself stepping into your apartment after a long day at work. Expectedly, you switched on the light like you would do without giving it any thought 5 times a week on arrival at your cozy home after putting in a decent shift of hard and smart work that your colleagues have come to love and admire you for! But this time, the light responded to your commands to reveal more than you are accustomed to.


Waiting in the dark with a smooth blend of patience and eagerness is your excited group of friends and family, apparently waiting for you to step into your apartment so they could sing you a beautiful song and of course celebrate your day with you in style; it’s your birthday after all.


Sure, you would be surprised at that, even though you’ve seen similar scenes several times over in movies.

Undoubtedly, pleasant surprises bring great feelings and we all love such. You think this is not true? Take another moment to recall some of the pleasant surprises you have had and you would probably notice yourself doing so smilingly.


Sadly though, in life, surprises come in different shades – the pleasant and the not so pleasant. As humans, we gladly embrace/remember pleasant surprises and try as much as possible to weather/forget the unpleasant ones. Accidents for instance bring unpleasant surprise.


While it is okay to be surprised when accidents happen since they are unexpected events, it is not okay to be too surprised when they do; since it is a fact of life that accidents do happen! Being too surprised suggests carrying both the financial and physical burdens all alone and most likely at the same time, in the event of an accident.


To guard against being too surprised, you need a fool proof contingency plan – the Custodian Personal Accident Insurance Cover. Custodian Personal Accident Insurance takes care of the financial expenses (medical bills) that ensue when accidents happen. The policyholder (insured) is protected when they are at home, at work, in transit etc.


Avoid the possibility of being too surprised, talk to Custodian today about the Custodian Personal Accident Insurance.


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