Driving at Night

Driving at Night

Do you enjoy driving at night? Several motorists say they feel less confident when they are on the road at night. The reason is as clear as day; driving at night can be quite difficult and risky due to impaired vision or poor visibility, tiredness and incidence of crime etc. As risky as it is, there are times that driving at night is unavoidable. When such situations arise, it is a good idea to keep some night-driving tips in mind.


Use Your Headlights

It is an offence to drive at night with faulty lights. Before you set off, ensure all the lights are in good working condition. Also, dim your lights when faced with other roads users in order not to dazzle them.


Slow down

When driving at night, drive slower than you would normally do (during the day). This makes it easier for you to see oncoming vehicles/pedestrians, straying pets, potentially dangerous objects, pot holes etc. and react accordingly.


Keep your windows wound up when stuck in traffic

Slow moving traffic is an opportunity that thieves or delinquents exploit to rob unsuspecting motorists. That is why it is advisable to keep all windows shut and doors firmly locked while you are stuck in traffic; especially when driving at night.



Sleeping behind the wheel can happen at any time of the day; but it is more common at night because that is when the body naturally goes into rest mode. In order to prevent sleeping while driving, always ensure you are well-rested and not fatigued before setting out.


Clean Windows & Windshield

It is important to keep your car windows and windshield clean inside and out because dirty glass increases glare. Doing this helps you maximize visibility while driving.


Be Watchful and Observant

Be mindful of other drivers as other road users may behave erratically; especially at night. It is advisable to give them more space to enable you maneuver as necessary and ensure you are safe at all times while driving.


Buy Insurance

Motor insurance cover provides the policyholder with a 24-hour cover against financial losses that s/he may incur in the event of theft, accidents, fire etc. However, it merely helps cushion the adverse effect of such loses and does not guarantee that accidents or the unexpected will not happen.


It is therefore safer to avoid driving at night altogether whenever you can.

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