Hovering in Style

Hovering in Style

In a bid to stay comfortable and relaxed, many flyers do not pay so much attention to showing-up for their trips dressed looking dapper and elegant. We present to you our Fashion Nugget 101 on Travel.


There’s a whole continent that exists between jammies and formal wear, and there are actually a whole lot of clothes that not only aid in getting you snuggled-up in air, but also helps you leave a long-lasting impression on arrival and possibly close a Business deal if the opportunity arises while on the trip. So, in lieu of all your vacation meanderings, we’ve put up a few wardrobe recommendations for in-flight and beyond, that you should take into consideration on booking that next flight this year.

Top nugget: you can get a fine cohesion of comfort and class in some clothing pieces – Go for those!

#1: Statement Clothing Pieces

  • Oversize Colourful Scarves
  • Sweaters

#2: Stylish Pants

  • Chinos
  • Denim
  • Corporate

#3: Dresses

  • Wrap dresses
  • Shift dresses
  • Free Maxi-dresses

#4: Shirts

  • Lumberjack shirts
  • Plain or stripped shirts
  • Graphic T-shirts
  • Plain T-shirts
  • Stylish Sweatshirts

#5: Jackets

  • Denim
  • Plain
  • Checked
  • Fur
  • Leather

#6: Skirts

  • Skater
  • Pencil



Shoes have posed to be a very important item of clothing when it comes to flying fashion. You need statement-making footwears that are comfortable. You really don’t want to be limping on the long walk to the terminal and around the airport. You also have to consider the fact that in some airports there may be the need for you have to take off your shoes for security checks. Battling with laced-up sandals would be daunting in such situations!

Top nugget: pick comfortable footwear such as

#1: Flat Leather Boots

#2: Trainers

#3: Ballet flats

#4: Loafers

#5: Oxfords

#6: Espadrilles



You’ll require a fancy bag that holds all your possessions including your computer, phones, sweater, make-up, headphones, wallet, sunshades, travelling documents, reading material and snacks; you don’t want your hands to be too busy while you’re handling your passport.

Top nugget: make sure everything is easily accessible and leave your hands free for taking care of just one item at a time or holding someone’s hand.

Now that you’ve been equipped with the basics, please go along; Hover in style!

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