How To Wean Your Child

How To Wean Your Child

According to WHO, breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure child health and survival. It is recommended that breastfeeding should go on for a period of two years, at least. Irrespective of how long a mother is able to do so, there will always come a time when she would need to wean the baby.

A baby is considered ‘weaned’ when s/he gets all his\her nutrition from sources other than the mother’s mammary glands. Weaning a baby can be challenging especially when it is mother-led. It has to be as gradual as possible so that the baby can adjust to the new reality (eating solid foods, such as mashed fruits, vegetables etc.) at a measured pace.

As babies gradually come of age, weaning them becomes a necessary step to take: mothers may need to rest or return to work and the babies need to learn how to be less dependent.

Perhaps the number one responsibility of parents/guardians to their children/wards is to take care of them until they become independent and to train them to be independent in life. One of the most important ways to successfully wean a child to independence is to provide them with adequate qualitative education.

With Custodian Education Endowment Plan, a child’s education is guaranteed to the tune of the monetary value set by the parents. It pays the benefit if death (of the policy holder) occurs before or at maturity of the policy. In essence, whether the parents are alive or dead, the child’s education is guaranteed.

Custodian Education Endowment Plan affords a parent the opportunity to start providing for his/her child’s education immediately; and by so doing, dispel concerns about the possibility of not having enough money to fund the child’s education in future.


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