Making Faces

Making Faces

The human face is one of the best indicators of people’s moods or emotions. Our faces have a way of giving us away, except for times when we try so hard not to facially reveal our real (inner) feelings.  Worry, happiness, pride, sadness, stress etc. are some of the things that determine our facial appearance. It’s interesting how these feelings are clearly written on our faces and quite easily read by beholders.


Also, the faces we make are a reflection of our intentions or things we are trying to say without necessarily saying a word. At first, making faces may look like a millennial culture or habit but when you look back to the way you were brought-up, you will realize everyone probably learnt the act of making faces from their parents.


Remember how your parents (especially your mother) talked to you through their facial expressions when it wasn’t appropriate for them to speak or voice their opinions; especially in public? Maybe when you were offered something by (say) a stranger and the look on your mother’s face say…. “If you take it…Tell me whether you’re hungry… Have you not eaten at home….haven’t I told you not to take stuffs from strangers…go ahead, collect it and see what I will do to you at home!?…all with one glance!”


Also, as parents, our children have a way of reading our moods or facial expressions; our smiles, frowns, grins, indifference etc. As kids, their well-being sits high up on our priority list. We try to train them to the best of our abilities. Very few people will argue that it is every parent’s joy to give birth to a child that grows up to become a greater person than them.


One of the ways parents can set their children on the path to greatness is by providing them with uninterrupted quality education. Custodian Education Endowment Policy ensures that the policyholder’s child school fees and other incidentals for the chosen level of his/her education i.e. Primary, Secondary or Tertiary level are paid without fail.


Through this arrangement, a parent can start to provide for the education of his/her child immediately and thereby eliminate any uncertainty regarding the funding of his/her child’s education in future.


The policy guarantees the education of the Policyholder’s child(ren) to the tune of the sum assured, whether the Policyholder is alive or not.


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