Near Misses


Near Misses

You were probably taught some basic safety rules in your childhood? Safety rules like ensuring you look left, right then left again before crossing the road, not to switch off/on the light with a wet finger; do not walk around the yard with your bare feet etc. As adults, you were advised against driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), use of head phones or chatting on your phone while walking on the street etc.


When you take a look around however, you see a lot of people flout these basic life-saving rules in their homes and workplaces with reckless abandon.


Many a time, people come close to experiencing accidents because they flouted some of these important rules, only for them to mouth statements such as: “wow! That was close” and then shrug it off without taking time to give  the immediate and remote causes some serious thought. For instance, it would help greatly if they asked – “what could I have done differently to prevent a re-occurrence?”


The difference between a near miss and an actual accident is mostly a tiny fraction of a second in timing or a tiny fraction of an inch in space.  At other times, those little differences may be absent; leaving behind trauma and sad stories to tell afterwards.


Certainly, near misses are themselves accidents waiting to happen. But if we heed to advance warnings, look out for the root causes, take caution at all times, we may be able to prevent such situations from occurring.


Below is a list of other basic steps that can help prevent many of the common domestic accidents around us, thereby avoiding the physical and emotional pains as well as the financial expenses that come with the occurrence of accidents:

  • Mop up spills immediately
  • Keep your kids’ Lego off the floor when it’s beginning to get dark
  • Ensure your rugs grip the floor
  • Install grab bars in your bathroom
  • Keep all sharp instruments out of reach
  • Encourage your children to report the near misses they experience etc.

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