Saying you need life insurance is like telling you to breathe. Everyone needs it, though just a few people are actually covered. Procrastination is a major reason why many people don’t have insurance. Even when they know the importance, most people wait until they’re prompted by a life-changing moment.


The truth is, life happens to everyone in no particular order and you just need to be prepared. Just imagine what would happen to your family and loved ones, if you kicked the bucket without a protection plan? They’d probably ask themselves whether you truly even loved them when you were around?


It’s important to eliminate such doubts by insuring yourself while protecting them in the process. Life insurance covers you in the event of accidents, temporary or permanent disability, etc. It also provides succour to your loved ones in the event of your demise and the attendant difficulties that typically ensue afterwards. It is also a way of securing financial stability.


Just in case you are still wondering why you should buy yourself a life insurance cover, here are six concise reasons why you need to get started today:


  1. Protection for family and loved ones: As the breadwinner of your family, getting a life insurance policy is a no-brainer. It ensures that you keep looking out for them by protecting their lifestyle, even when you are gone without any disruption.
  2. Debt settlement: In cases where death occurs before full settlement, your life insurance policy can be used to settle all outstanding debts, leaving your family debt-free.
  3. Child’s education plan: The life insurance policy can also ensure your child gets the right quality education you have envisioned regardless of your presence.
  4. Business planning: As a key individual in your business, a good life insurance policy will guarantee the smooth running of the business. 
  5. Achievement of long-term goals: The purchase of life insurance will help you achieve long-term goals you have set for yourself, like planning your retirement or buying a home. 
  6. Cheaper to buy now: The younger you are, the lower your coverage cost (premium). Life insurance is best purchased now to get you the bargain of a lifetime.


Now that you are considering getting a life insurance policy, Custodian, with more than fifty years’ experience in adding value and exceeding customers’ expectations, congratulates you and is happy to help you complete the process. What more? We offer you a variety of options that suit your specific needs and situation.


For more information: Please call 012774008-9 or Email: carecentre@custodianinsurance.com.


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