Road Rage

Road Rage

We have a question to ask you and we hope you will kindly oblige us with an answer. Be sure to tell us the truth okay? Not to worry, we won’t hold it against you….far from it. That is not the purpose of this piece.


The question? Very simple; “while behind the wheel, have you been involved in hot exchanges (verbal or otherwise) with any other driver or road user for whatever reason?”


Trying hard to convince yourself you haven’t? Don’t worry save yourself the stress and enjoy the rest of today’s Newsletter.


The way many drivers hurl abuses at each other makes one want to think that ‘cursing’ is part of what is taught in driving schools. It is almost like a compulsory course of some sort; one you must pass to qualify and be certified as a driver.


Road rage is a common episode. Hence, most drivers have either been recipients of such barrage of curse words or dished them out to others.


It is a reaction that can be a little difficult to control as it mostly comes from a place of impulse, deep in the subconscious of humans. But truth be told, road rage is unnecessary and should be avoided because in the end, it does not make other drivers repent from their poor driving habits.  You might even regret your utterances afterward.


One way you can overcome road rage is to know your ‘triggers’ i.e. those things that cause you to lose your cool — it could be that you cannot stand drivers that are not lane disciplined, drivers who drive against traffic direction; especially on one-way roads, drivers who suddenly cuts the engine speed in front of you, drivers who engage in poor or no use of turn indicators (trafficators) etc. Identifying your triggers makes it easier to control your temper as it offers you better control and mastery of the situation at hand.


Perhaps, the most notorious reason people engage in rage and possibly get physical is when their vehicles are bashed by other drivers. This is because the thought of repair cost, time and stress involved in getting their cars back to shape after such accidents can be quite frustrating.


Thankfully, with an active motor insurance cover from Custodian, you won’t have to engage in road rage after an accident and risk grave consequences to your life and well being.


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