The Black Swan

The Black Swan

Did you know that in the past, there was a presumption that all swans were white? That presumption went on for a long time until black swans were surprisingly discovered later in Australia.


Prior then, the existence of non-white swans seemed highly improbable or impossible. It wasn’t even a thought to entertain or consider.


This surprising discovery provided the basis for the phrase – black swan events. Black Swan describes any event which occurrence comes as a surprise; something that is extremely difficult to predict and has a telling (often extreme) effect.


The theory of black swan events was popularized by the Professor of Finance and Writer, Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book, “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” after the unexpected global financial crisis that occurred in 2008. The moral of the surprising discovery is “never say never” or never to totally dismiss the possibility of the occurrence of an event but instead keep an open mind on all matters and prepare accordingly.


In a similar vein, a lot of people are quick to dismiss the possibility of experiencing random and unexpected events, such as accidents, and consequently do not plan/prepare for such eventualities. Accidents are some of those unexpected events we need to plan for. They are events that occur on a daily basis. Even though accidents are events we never wish to experience, it is financially smart to obtain some form of insurance protection against them.


At Custodian, we believe that when accidents happen, the last thing the victim should worry about is the financial expenses or medical bills associated with recoveries, losses etc. With Custodian Personal Accident Insurance Policy, you can be assured that in the event of an accident you do not have to worry about the resultant financial expenses.


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