It’s Not Rocket Science

It’s Not Rocket Science

Most people often think investment is rocket science. They are intimidated by the thought of it. This unfounded fear often deters them from creating wealth through investments. The reality is that investment is not rocket science; far from it.


Investment is much easier when you relate it to the things you are familiar with, especially in the form of analogies. The best investment analogy is arguably the principle of planting and harvesting. Investing shares a lot of similarities with this principle in the following ways:

  1. See Your Investment as a Seed

In investment, your financial contributions are the seeds you plant. Seeds are usually small from the beginning but with time and discipline, they grow to become huge plants. This time, the huge plants are in the form of substantial increase/growth from your initial seeds or invested funds.


  1. Nurture Your Seeds

Like plants, for your investments to grow, you need to nurture them. Even though your seeds could grow or increase in value over a period of time without much human interference. Your harvest becomes more productive when you nurture the seeds appropriately, take care of the plants or seeds by watering them and ensuring they get sufficient sunlight. Monitoring the growth of your investment and topping it up whenever necessary helps it to grow even faster.


  1. Be Patient with Your Seeds

It takes considerable time for seeds (investments) to grow to become trees (reach their maturity/ full potential). Many people have lost money because they terminated their investments too early or invest in get-rich-quick schemes that ultimately failed.


  1. Harvesting

Be sure that you wait for your seeds/investments to reach full maturity (maximum potential) before harvesting them. This ensures that you enjoy the best possible outcome from your effort, toil and sacrifices.


  1. Starters

Custodian Life Time Harvest Policy is an effective way to plant and harvest good returns, you plant (invest) for designated period of time, with the opportunity to harvest or reap at (your) preferred intervals during the lifetime of the investment.


With Custodian Life Time Harvest Policy, you plant, we water it but the harvest is all yours.

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