Spot Any ‘Johnny’ Around You?

Spot Any ‘Johnny’ Around You?

Johnny, as we have come to know represents the ‘learner’ or any other beginner in a field or an area of endeavor that he or she is totally new to. His/her full title is captured in the phrase: Johnny-Just-Come (JJC).


Everyone has the potential to be a ‘Johnny –just-come’; as long as s/he remains upwardly mobile and ambitious to the extent that they want to better their present lot in any facet of life or endeavour they find themselves.


The challenge with ‘Johnny–Just-Comes’ is that they often have splashes of eggs on their faces with some of their baby steps; be those in business, social life, fashion choices etc.


These baby-step errors can be quite costly for most JJCs; as they could fall victim and lose their money/assets to ardent con artists that abound in our cities or thousands of ‘get-rich-quick’ ponzi schemes that promise huge returns hinged on no known business(es) and of course ill-prepared fund managers.


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Custodian Capital Builder Plan is an investment-linked assurance plan that guarantees good returns and allows the policyholder determine the amount of regular contribution he wishes to make periodically. The Custodian Capital Builder Plan policyholder is also at liberty to choose his/her preferred level of life assurance benefits.


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