Now That You Still Have The Energy.

Now That You Still Have The Energy.

Kids will forever remain a beauty to treasure! Their boundless reservoir of energy remains a source of marvel. One is always mesmerized seeing kids tirelessly jump on the bed, run around the house like a marathon is due, create endless fun and play sequences in the playground etc. Oh my goodness! Where do they get all that energy from? Perhaps, adults can benefit from a share of this abundant energy that kids seem to take for granted.


A likely answer to the puzzling question could be that kids live for the moment, sleep longer than adults and have systems that make the most of food and nutrients etc.


They are also at the stage where they are totally free of all the 99+1 problems that most adults have to contend with; they have practically nothing to worry about. This leaves them with more energy to burn (on trivial things) than adults.


Adults often worry about too many things and this saps a lot of energy from them: energy they need to function and really live their lives to the fullest.


However, worry is not totally a bad idea so long as it makes you act positively i.e. taking steps to plan for the future instead of leaving it (the future) to chance and simply continue to worry.


For example, now that you still have the energy and opportunity to work so you can provide for yourself and family, it is important you plan ahead for the times when you may no longer be able to-retirement-instead of worrying about survival during this inevitable period.


Retirement! When well-planned is like a period to relive your childhood. Although you may not be as energetic (physically) as a child, you can live your life without worrying about anything because you had everything planned for during your active work days.


Retirement isn’t an end but a new beginning, it could even be the best time of your life – you can sleep more, enjoy new hobbies, travel around the world, and spend more time with your family. Working-adults should always ask themselves this question – will my retirement savings be enough?


If you just asked yourself that question and you seem unsure about the answer, then instead of worrying about it, why not plan for it? The appropriate plan is right here before you – Custodian Personal Provident Plan.


This is a plan designed to encourage savings towards a targeted sum aimed at retirement. It provides income for the self-employed and those who want to augment their retirement benefits.


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