Outliving Your Nest Egg

Outliving Your Nest Egg

In poultry farming, a nest egg is a fake or real egg placed in a hen’s nest to encourage her to lay eggs. But in the financial world, the phrase (nest egg) is used differently. It is used to describe a large sum of money put aside or saved for the future e.g. retirement savings.


While the basis for this interpretation may not be very clear, one is however not lost on its import i.e. a nest egg would ‘yield’ extra eggs for the farmer – when the farmer’s bird produces/lays additional eggs after being ‘prompted’ by the nest egg as it were.


Individuals can also build substantial ‘nest eggs’ for their retirement with good financial discipline. While this is quite a laudable feat for those who have their eyes set on a retirement life to treasure, efficient management of the ‘yield’ after retirement is another.


Since it is usually the wish of every retiree to experience long life and good health , every retiree or anyone nearing retirement should not only wish for these two things but also plan ahead on how to continually sustain themselves during retirement. Most retirees who live for a long time risk the possibility of outliving or exhausting their nest eggs (retirement savings).


Presently, a retiree can get around the possibility of outliving his/her nest eggs by signing up to the Custodian Annuity Plan.


Custodian Annuity Plan guarantees that a retiree receives regular payment for as long as they are alive?


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