Be better than me, please!

Be better than me, please!

If there is anyone on earth who wants you to be better than them, it must be your parents! This they daily demonstrate by seeking the best for their children. Parenthood is essentially an adventure almost everyone wants to experience in life; the smile, laughter, tears, relationship and the list goes on. It provides a unique opportunity for individuals to bring forth their own offspring and or nurture offspring in their own way. The joy of such ventures comes in raising such children that go on to become greater or better than their parents.


Parenthood comes with huge responsibilities and sacrifices. This is probably why Parents tend to always put the child (ren) first before self. A parent will readily relegate his/her own need in favour of the Child’s.


One of the ways parents can help their child (ren) become great or even greater than them is to provide them with important survival tools of life like good quality education.


Unfortunately, good quality education doesn’t come cheap these days; it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to conveniently provide such for their ward(s). As such, it is advisable for parents to start planning for their children’s education immediately they are brought into the world.


With Custodian Education Endowment Plan, parents have a simple, safe and convenient way to put together the necessary funds needed by the child (ren) to achieve their dream. The policy covers tuition and other incidental fees for the child’s education at any chosen level; thereby securing the child’s future and giving the parents much needed rest of mind that the child will be taken care of whether or not the parents remain alive.


Make that bold move now and take the first step in securing your child’s future; call 01-2774000-9 or email for Custodian Education Endowment Plan.

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